Boxer Pale Ale

Pale Ale
Boxer Brewing Co
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Boxer Brewing Co
  • 5.0% ABV
  • 375 ml Can
  • 35 IBU
Flavour Profile
Smooth / Velvety Citrus Pine
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Our Pale Ale is the classic, the one you can count on, like that trusty old pair of jeans.

It's a classic US-style Pale Ale with a modern twist.

Smooth and citrusy with just the right amount of toasted malt to support the bold citrus and pine flavours, this one's a crowd-pleaser.

Tasting notes

Light toasted malt with citrus and pine notes. A harmonious flavour symphony.
Welcome to Boxer Brewing Co. – where passion, love for beer, and good times collide. We believe every sip should be an unforgettable moment of pure enjoyment and are dedicated to the art of crafting the best-tasting, most drinkable beer. That’s why we pour our hearts and souls into every batch we brew.
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