If you’re after something with spice - something rough and raw and ready to rumble - then Aether Brewing has just the thing for you. Ginger Beerd is spicy and earthy and sweet in all the right measures. It’s chock full of fresh Queensland ginger - no wonder it’s a bit cloudy! - with a hit of Motueka hops, because the brewers just couldn’t help themselves. This is a great gluten free option if that’s important to you, but it’s good for just about anyone. Stick in a wedge of lime and enjoy the ride.

Ginger Beer

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  1. Flavour Profile
    • Dry
    • Fizzy
    • Clean
    Tasting notes
    Little body and colour with high clarity. Low sweetness is met with blasts of ginger on the nose and in the mouth. Mild citrus on the nose as well. Clean finish with a lingering spice from the fresh ginger additions.
    Aether Ginger Beerd
    Aether Ginger Beerd
    Ginger Beer
    Aether Brewing
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