Love beer? Want to get your favourite beer for less? Want to support your favourite brewers?

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What is a ‘Craft Champion’?!

At Only Craft Beer we believe in supporting the Australian Independent Breweries who are providing us with real quality, real people, real good beer.

Our Craft Champions support breweries in this cause by depositing a monthly amount into their beer account. This money is the Craft Champion’s to spend on future purchases of beer, which assists in funding and supporting the brewers. In return, the brewers offer their beers at better prices, giving exclusive offers and discounts. Support the brewers who make the beer you love!!

How does it work?

Think of it like a ‘beer bank’ - but this bank is helping brewers!


Monthly Deposit

Deposit a monthly amount into your beer bank account. You could use that money whenever and wherever you want toward future beer purchase. It is yours to spend.


Monthly Funding

Only Craft Beer combines the monthly money to help fund Aussie Independent Breweries.


Buy Beer

Spend your ‘beer bank’ money on anything available in the marketplace!



Your beer is delivered direct from the brewery to ensure maximum profit for the brewer, and maximum enjoyment for you!

Benefits to Me

  • All the money in your beer account is yours to spend on the marketplace any time you like.
  • Special discounted prices for your favourite beers.
  • Access to exclusive beers.
  • Invitations to Exclusive events.

Benefits to Brewer

  • Brewers could get additional funding for their projects.
  • Funding allow brewers to buy the best ingredients, use the best techniques, etc.
  • It means that brewers could focus on making their beers taste great just for you.

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You can still buy beer today!

While we get everything ready to launch Craft Champions, you can still buy direct from your favourite breweries at the best prices on the net