When it comes to bitter beers, color is subjective, but the defining quality is the hop-forward bitterness. Pale Ales and Bitters are lighter in color, low-ABV beers with a strong hop flavor and aroma.

However, Imperial Pale Ales(IPAs) range from golden to black and have a much higher alcohol percentage. IPAs are also known for their hefty hop profile.

You could find a huge range among our brewers as they are one of the most common types brewed.

New England India Pale Ale

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  1. Flavour Profile
    • Smooth / Velvety
    • Creamy
    Tasting notes
    Aromas of pineapple, lychee, apricot, strawberries and more, a proper fruit bowl beer.
    The Zeppelin
    The Zeppelin
    New England India Pale Ale
    Prancing Pony Brewery
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