Best craft beer – Perfectly poured

Best craft beer – Perfectly poured

05 Jan 2021

by Isaias Vinaroz

There are moments in live that needs to be accompanied only by the best craft beer, like:

  • Enjoying a cricket game at home.
  • Watching an AFL or NRL match with some friends while enjoying a BBQ.
  • A special celebration with family

All those and some more are good moments to enjoy a beer, but not a regular beer, THE BEST AUSSIE CRAFT BEER: poured with love, with just the right amount of foam, the perfect temperature.

Smile while you are imagining that perfectly poured beer. 

Enjoy with all your senses

What do you need:

  1. Cold and cold craft beer, from an Aussie Brewer.
  2. A cold transparent glass. As the ones you could find from Suds Slinger. 

a-    Glass cold not iced. Ice is the main enemy of foam formation.

b-    Moisturize the glass. It helps the foam and avoids the beer losing CO2.

c-     45 degrees. It is important that the can/bottle and the glass form an angle of 45 degrees. The craft beer must slide inside the glass.

d-    When the foam and beer arrive to the edge of the glass, move the glass to its vertical position and stop for a few seconds. It will allow the foam to settle.

e-    After a few seconds, fill the rest of the craft beer till the glass is full.

f-     Make sure you have one or two fingers of foam. That’s enough and the craft beer will be protected against oxidation. A good foam formation is a sign that the fermentation process has been done completely.

g-    Remove any extra foam. You could use a small knife or just drink it.

h-    Enjoy with all your senses:

Hearing. The noise when you crank the can open. Your brain starts to anticipate the goodness.


Touch. When you hold the glass at the right temperature with the craft beer on it. Feel the coldness on your fingertips.


Sight. Look through the transparent glass and give some pleasure to your eyes.


Smell. Let those aromas float inside your nostrils.


Taste. Drink the fantastic craft beer, differentiate the mouthfeel, the flavours and the different tasting notes.

No other than Australian Craft Beers could be enjoyed with all your senses.


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