Plonk Brut IPA

Brut IPA
Cecilton Brewing
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Cecilton Brewing
100% of 100
  • 5.5% ABV
  • 375 ml Can
  • 4 IBU
Flavour Profile
Dry Clean Citrus Crisp
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It is a Brut IPA, which means it is super dry and crisp just like that sparkling French wine that starts with a C. To give it some punch we load it with Citra, Lemon Drop and El Dorado hops to add citrus and passion fruit flavours and notes which increase the crispness of the pallet. We use a yeast specifically made for that aforementioned sparking French wine and this brings out the pastry flavours from the grains.

The fermentation process we use means that the yeast eats all the sugar in the beer which creates the dry flavours and also technically makes it sugar-free - we're not going to claim it's healthy, that would be a lie.

Tasting notes

Starts crisp, fresh and not too dry. Citrus flavours come through along with a hint of passion fruit and ends with a hint of pastry - just like the french sparkling wine this beer is based on
We make full-bodied craft beer with subtle overtones and characteristics of our favourite plonk or cocktail. Be it the dry citrus flavours of that sparkling French wine starting with a C, the berries and dank notes of a Pinot, or the bitter orange of a Negroni. Our beers and under the brand of Plonk. Yes, slang for wine.
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