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Parc is a pils—aka pilsner. Brewed in the timeless Czech style, it’s crisp and clean, and refreshingly bitter. With the addition of a healthy handful of noble hops, Parc is bursting with bright character and aroma.

It’s clean and golden in colour with a subtle, yet balanced bitterness.

Parc is brewed with the highest quality Carapils and Munich malts, fresh Saaz hops, a special ultra-low-alcohol yeast, and pure water. That’s it. No additives, preservatives or other nasty stuff.

What’s more: with ultra-low alcohol levels and a low calorie count, Parc is infinitely sessionable.

We brew it just like full-strength beer, using a special yeast that naturally makes a delicious beer without alcohol. No special chemicals or high-tech tricks here.

Enjoy an ice-cold Parc any time. Matches perfectly with Spicy food!

Tasting notes

Bright, herbal aromas complimented by mineral notes and a zingy mouthfeel.

Pleasant savoury endnotes with minimal sweetness.

Monceau Co. is a craft microbrewery based in Melbourne, Australia, producing kombucha, beer, and other beverages.

Borne out of a passion for low-intervention fermentations, we use natural methods in innovative ways to craft drinks that are naturally low alcohol or non-alcoholic.

Using no sweeteners, artificial carbonation or preservatives, we brew in an ancestral method, naturally fermenting and carbonating to create unique, ever-changing flavour profiles.

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