Gravity Whisky Aged Imperial Pastry Stout

The Zythologist
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The Zythologist
  • 10.5% ABV
  • 330 ml Can
  • 20 IBU
Flavour Profile
Smooth / Velvety Chocolate Coconut Vanilla
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Gravity is the natural force of attraction between all matter in the universe, controlling planetary movements, ocean tides, and even our own weight.

Einstein proposed that gravity is in fact a curvature caused by massive objects in the space-time continuum.

The gravitational force increases when the distance between objects is reduced.

This explains the resultant force when The Zythologist and Burnley Brewing come together: a densely rich beer with gravitational waves of biscuit, vanilla, chocolate, coconut, and whisky.

Drink this with the utmost gravity. It is more than an apple falling on a genius’s head. 

Tasting notes

Smooth whisky peat, rich chocolate and biscuit notes dominate. Deeper flavours develop as the beer warms up showcasing coconut, vanilla and molasses. You will need drink this sitting down.
Science based brewery and analytical insights company.
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