Why Craft Beer is Better than Mainstream Beer?

Why Craft Beer is Better than Mainstream Beer?

30 May 2021

by The Craft Beer Lover

The Australian craft beer market is a sustainably growing industry that offers a lot more to the consumers. From its humble beginnings, this industry now stands and confidently competes with major beer players. Here are a few reasons why craft beer is better than your normal beer.


Craft beer is stronger and more flavorful than mainstream beer. Independent breweries manufacture beers using hand-picked ingredients and recipes that they have developed through time. Commercial brewers, however, rely on cheap ingredients to increase profit on their goods. Independent breweries produce beers in smaller batches using the traditional brewing processes and with a personal touch. Commercial brewers, on the other hand, uses a mechanized method of production that contributes to the inferior quality of their beers. To ensure that their mass-produced beer remains fresh, they have to add preservatives and make use of pasteurization to deactivate the proteins and yeast. This process eliminates the most important components of beers that give them richness in flavor and superior taste.


Beer enthusiasts would often look for variety which is a requirement that commercial brewers can not satisfy. Even huge manufacturers such as Heineken and Coors have very limited offerings to the insatiable needs and sophisticated palate of the beer-drinking public. The goal of these commercial brewers is to make beer for profit which leads them to supply beers in the market with a generic taste. Independent breweries, on the other hand, craft beer out of passion and for the love of variety. All craft beer businesses were born out of love and the desire to give every beer enthusiast a new taste experience that's not available in the mainstream market.


In general, mass-produced beer contains only 3 to 5% of alcohol, whereas, craft beer contains 5% up to 40%. The more flavor the beer has the more alcohol it can take, and the reason why craft beer is relatively cheaper than its mass-produced counterpart. In a drinking session, you will generally have to consume around five (5) mainstream beer to match the alcohol content of a good craft beer. Patronizing mainstream beers is like donating your money to the already rich huge corporations around the world. Not to mention the cut that the middlemen take to pay their service in delivering the product to you, the consumer. In purchasing locally crafted beers, you will not only be able to support the local business but also save the portion of your money that should have gone to the middlemen. 


Unlike any commercialized beer, drinking a craft beer offers a more rewarding experience. More than just a drink, craft beer is a brainchild of the dedicated independent brewers who created it. It does not only quench your thirst but also makes you feel the passion of these brewers for their craft. With the label alone, you will notice that compared to commercial beers, craft beers contain more information that the consumer can learn about the product. Craft beers are also manufactured locally which means that you can have the opportunity to visit the brewery. This will not only help you appreciate the origin of the product that you're consuming but also, offer a more personal and rewarding drinking experience.