The Most Common Package of Craft Beer in Australia

The Most Common Package of Craft Beer in Australia

30 May 2021

by The Craft Beer Lover

Craft beer is a traditionally made beer using non-mechanized methods in independent breweries. It is a popular option for beer lovers who want to try something new other than the regular beers that are widely available in the market. This type of beer is made in small batches, thus making its flavor better than its mass-produced counterpart. The popularity of craft beers has led these independent breweries to find solutions that will make their product easily available to consumers. With the different packaging options, beer lovers can now buy beer in physical stores or even shop their favorite craft beer online. Gone were the days when craft beer lovers have to frequent the breweries only to enjoy their preferred brew. Here are the different ways that you can enjoy your craft beer and some bonus tips on how to become a craft champion.

Draft Beer

Craft beer served straight from a keg or cask is a good way to enjoy your brew because it will allow the aroma to stand out for longer. However, this is not a convenient option especially for those who are traveling or on an adventure. If you're planning on a road trip or looking to enjoy the great outdoors, you would need your beers to come in convenient packaging. This is why independent breweries developed an alternative solution that will make their product available to all consumers for all types of occasions.

Beer Bottles

For over 400 years, bottles have been used to deliver beers to our bellies. Craft beers stored in bottles can remain cold for a longer time and compared to canned beers, it arguably tastes better. Beer bottles are readily available both in physical and online stores. Whatever the occasion, you may purchase your favorite craft to enjoy at home or at any location. All you need to do is to keep your beer out of sunlight and ensure that it is kept at an ideal temperature in order to maintain its great taste.

Canned Beers

The Australian beer consumers are split down with their preference to their craft beer packaging. Both bottles and cans are preferred options for beer drinkers in Australia but cans are slowly rising to popularity. Compared to glass bottles, cans can do better in keeping the brew out of sunlight that can cause your beer to spoil. When it comes to transportability, canned beers are better since it is lighter and less fragile. Environmentalists also prefer canned beers since it is easily recyclable compared to glass bottles. Most communities have a more solidly built program on recycling cans than they do for glass.

Become a Craft Champion

As a craft beer enthusiast, you would want to have a good selection of fresh beer that you can avail and enjoy on all occasions. At Only Craft Beer, you will not only have the opportunity to receive your brew directly from the brewery but you can purchase it at a much lesser price as well. A craft champion is a win-win concept for both independent breweries and consumers. Without a middleman who buys goods from the breweries to sell to retailers or consumers, you will be able to save money that will allow you to purchase more products from your favorite brewery