The main differences between craft and mainstream beer

The main differences between craft and mainstream beer

05 Jan 2021

by Isaias Vinaroz

You could find mainstream beer almost everywhere and much cheaper, with promotions and deals that are difficult to resist.

More and more, beer lovers are looking for quality beer - craft beer, produced in Australia.

Drinking Aussie Craft Beer is the best option to support and help the local community and keeping the profits in the country instead of helping fund overseas corporations.

Craft beer v mainstream beer.

1-    Natural ingredients. Craft beer is manufactured using natural ingredients, without additives nor preservatives: mainly water, yeast, malts and hops. Mainstream beer is pasteurized and could have preservatives, to reduce their cost they use ingredients of inferior quality, producing a beer that could be sold cheap to the consumers however of worse quality.

2-    Master Brewer recipe. Mainstream beer is produced using a standard recipe: economic process and cheap ingredients. As example, Heineken beer could be produced anywhere just following the steps on the standard recipe. At the contrary, Independent Brewers, test and modify their recipes thousands of times till they find out the right mixture, which means: Each craft beer is unique.

3-    Manufacturing process. Independent Breweries processes are more hands on, even they manually filter the beer, without the use of huge and expensive machinery. The systems and processes the big corporations uses are automatic, with limited intervention of humans. On top of that, mainstream beers are pasteurized, reducing the nutritive features of the beer and they use chemical filtration, that destroy proteins and yeasts.

4-    More flavour, better mouthfeel and more types and styles. Craft beer is different: more attractive and complex. Body, mouthfeel, taste and flavour are the main characteristic of the crafts.

5-    Local produced versus globalization of mainstream beer. Independent craft breweries are close to the consumers.  

How could you help independent brewers?

Sourcing and purchasing your beer online at Only Craft Beer, you will be helping the local community of Independent Brewers as you are buying directly form the local brewery and at the same time you will enjoy a fantastic beer, which each one is unique with different flavours, aromas and taste. Only Craft Beer is helping Australian Independent Brewers delivering their beers across the country at an affordable shipping costs.

Still in doubt? Do not hesitate to ask us which beer you would like or use our comparison tool to decide your next favourite beer.