Craft Beer vs. Commercial Beer: What Sets Them Apart?

Craft Beer vs. Commercial Beer: What Sets Them Apart?

14 Oct 2023

by Isaias Vinaroz

When it comes to beer, there's no shortage of options available. But one of the most significant distinctions in the world of beer is between craft beer and commercial beer.

These two categories represent different approaches to brewing, and understanding what sets them apart can enhance your appreciation of this beloved beverage.


Craft Beer: Artistry and Independence


Craft beer is often associated with independent, small-scale breweries that prioritize quality, flavour, and unique brewing techniques. Here are some key characteristics that set craft beer apart:

  • Independence: Craft breweries are typically independent, small, and often family owned. They have the freedom to experiment and create unique brews without corporate constraints.
  • Emphasis on Flavour: Craft brewers prioritise flavour and quality over mass production. They often use traditional brewing methods and high-quality ingredients to create distinct and flavourful beers.
  • Variety and Creativity: Craft breweries are known for their innovation and experimentation. They produce a wide range of beer styles, from IPAs and stouts to sours and barrel-aged brews.
  • Community Engagement: Craft breweries often have a strong connection to their local communities. They may collaborate with local businesses, host events, and contribute to the culture of their area.
  • Limited Distribution: While some craft breweries distribute their beers regionally or nationally, many focus on local sales, which can make their beers harder to find outside of their immediate area.

Commercial Beer: Consistency and Mass Production

Commercial beer, on the other hand, represents the larger, more mainstream side of the beer industry. Here are the distinguishing features of commercial beer:<


  • Mass Production: Commercial breweries produce beer on a massive scale, often using automated processes. They aim for consistency in flavour and quality across batches.
  • Wide Distribution: Commercial beers are widely distributed and readily available in bottleshops, liquor stores, convenience stores, and bars across the country and even internationally.
  • Standardized Flavour: Commercial breweries often prioritize producing beer with a consistent flavour profile, which can lead to a more uniform taste across different batches.
  • Limited Variety: While commercial breweries may offer a range of beer styles, they tend to focus on a smaller selection of core brands that appeal to a broad audience.
  • Ownership: Many commercial breweries are owned by large beverage conglomerates, which can influence their production decisions and marketing strategies.


Which One Should You Choose?


The choice between craft beer and commercial beer ultimately depends on your preferences, however only craft beer enthusiasts often seek unique flavours, experimentation, and a sense of community.

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