Behind the Brew: Uncovering Surprising Facts About Craft Beer

Behind the Brew: Uncovering Surprising Facts About Craft Beer

19 Jan 2024

by The Craft Beer Lover

Craft beer – it's not just a drink; it's a journey through time and taste! Get ready to be blown away by the raddest and quirkiest facts about craft beer.

From ancient brews to mind-bending ingredients, the craft beer world is more surprising than you'd ever imagine.

Grab your pint glass, and let's dive into the hipster side of brewing! 

1. Weihenstephan Brewery: Brews with Centuries of Street Cred

Move over, Instagram influencers – Weihenstephan Brewery in Bavaria, Germany, is the OG of cool. Established in 768 AD, it's the world's oldest continuously operating brewery. It's been brewing before brewing was even cool. Respect, right? 

2. Reinheitsgebot: The OG Beer Purity Law

Back in 1516, when fashion was ruffles and tights, the German Beer Purity Law, aka Reinheitsgebot, laid down the law: water, barley, and hops only. Sounds simple, but it's the OG trendsetter. Many craft brewers today follow similar vibes, keeping it real and pure.

3. Dogfish Head's Ancient Ales: Sippin' History Like It's the Coolest Thing Ever!

Delaware's Dogfish Head Brewery is rewriting history with its Ancient Ales series. Picture this – sipping a brew inspired by an ancient recipe. Mind-blowing, right? The only time travel we'll ever need. 

4. Space Beer: The Final Frontier in Brewing

Did you know there's beer in space? Yup, the International Space Station boasts the coolest kegerator with specially designed space beer! Because why should astronauts miss out on happy hour? 

5. Beard Beer by Rogue Ales: Brewed with Yeast from a Beard!

Rogue Ales decided to take 'yeast from the air' quite literally. In their experimental 'Beard Beer,' they used yeast cultivated from their brew master’s beard. Talk about putting the 'craft' in crafty!

Craft beer isn't just about what's in the glass; it's a vibe, a fusion of history and innovation.

So, next time you're sipping on that IPA or stout, remember – you're not just drinking beer; you're sipping on a frothy mug of liquid history and creativity.

Cheers to the craft beer revolution!

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