Another 5 Designs Where Can Becomes Canvas - Beer Art #3

Another 5 Designs Where Can Becomes Canvas - Beer Art #3

02 Apr 2022

by Mick Wust

Craft brewers are artists, and their beers are their masterpieces. So isn’t it fitting that what’s on the outside of the can matches the quality of what’s on the inside? 

This series is about celebrating the artistry and creativity that goes into can design, five beers at a time. This third instalment brings together five can designs joined by one theme: multicolour.


Interstellar - Sunset Solstice

If you’re into horoscopes, personalised gifts, or sunsets, this one’s for you.

Interstellar’s beers always come in twelve different designs - one for each Zodiac sign - but I find this amber ale to have a particularly eye-catching design as the sunset hues cascade down the can as the backdrop to each individual sign.

Aquarius and Pisces contain a striking sky blue that stands out against the purples and oranges of the background, while Libra’s can shows off its bright pink. Line them all up and it’s quite a display.

Shepparton - Sheppxico

Mexican folk artwork may not be what you were expecting from a regional Australian brewery, but the mosaic sombrero and painted skull and yellow cacti bring a sense of fun to this refreshing beer.

While the colourful calavera (skull) is possibly the most recognisable element of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), the Shepparton crew will tell you this isn’t a beer you only turn to one day of the year. The crisp and sweet Mexican-style lager is here for any person of any culture to enjoy any time.

Blackflag - Astro Punk XPA

This label’s an absolute treat. Well, you don’t need me to tell you… just look at it!

Blackflag have incredible artwork across the board, with a bold graffiti/street art vibe across the brand. But Astro Punk is next level. One look at that neon pink and green blasts you right back to the 80s - and that’s before you even notice the headphones, the mohawk, and the leather jacket with the patch on the arm.

The mandarin and pine notes pulsing through the XPA itself add to the frenetic energy of Astro Punk’s can design. The whole thing makes me want to watch Tron and listen to Daft Punk.

Valhalla - Golden Ale

Would you believe I only just noticed that three of these beers feature a skull in the artwork? I swear that was unintentional.

At a glance, this label doesn’t seem multi-coloured, since those gaping black eyes and nose cavity hold your focus while the expanse of orange across the background fills your peripheral vision. But as soon as you let your gaze wander down a little, the pink and green swirls below the skull seem to soften the entire image. Fitting for a soft, sessionable beer with a clean malt backbone and flowing citrus zest. 

Even if, you know… it’s still a skull with gaping black eyes and a nose cavity.

Frexi x The Zythologist - Refraction

“Refraction is a phenomenon where light is distorted when it passes from one medium to another… When light enters a prism, it slows down and bends, causing the wavelengths to separate and portray their respective colours.”

Light refracts into a wide spectrum of colours - just like the rainbow diamonds stretched across the front of this can - and this beer has a similar effect on the tastebuds, refracting a range of flavours from orange to bread, cumin to cloves, tart hibiscus to smooth vanilla.

Frexi and The Zythologist basically invented a new beer style with this one, calling it a Hindo Mexican Blanche. Try it for yourself if you want to taste the rainbow.


Which is your favourite? Grab a case from Only Craft Beer and share it around - just like beer, art is always more enjoyable when shared with friends.